Family Fee Schedule

2018 - 2019


First 45min. Class $76.00 per month
First 1 hr. Class $80.00 per month
Second 45min. Class $70.00 per month
Second 1hr. Class $72.00 per month
Third 1 hr. Class $62.00 per month
Fourth 1 hr. Class $52.00 per month
Each additional class $40.00 per month
Private dance $40.00 per half hour
Semi private class $30.00 per half hour/per student
Tutoring $28.00 per half hour
Drop in $25.00 per class

Please note:

  1. Immediate family members only may be combined to one dance account.
  2. Classes are based on a yearly fee divided into 10 equal payments. We don’tcredit for holidays etc. and we don’t charge more for 5 weeks in the month.
  3. Classes with fewer than 6 students may be reduced in time with no reduction inthe monthly fee. For example, a one-hour class with 5 dancers may be reduced to 45minutes and the one-hour fee will be charged.

Annual Enrollment Fee:

There is a yearly enrollment fee of $25.00 per student for new students and $20.00 per student for returning students enrolled by June 23, 2018.