JPA, is following the guidelines laid out by our county and is working to develop short-term and long-term solutions for all of our students. We will be sharing these solutions with you all in the coming days as we seek to serve our students/families to the best of our ability. Our teachers have put together two weeks of online classes and fun for your student/students.  Sadly, as our teachers were completing these first two weeks of videos Santa Clara County issued the “Shelter in Place” order which prevents our teachers from coming into the studio to video.  We are now working on our plan B.

We are asking you to hang in there with us as we work out these important details.  Most importantly we would like you to know that we are not charging or collecting April tuition. This should go a long way to help our families that are unable to pay.  This will extend into May, if necessary.  For those on Auto-Pay, no need to make any changes as Auto-Pay is a function driven by JPA and we will not be using it until further notice.  The only exception to this is students that have outstanding unpaid privates, ect.  Those are being processed in the next few days. 

We will continue to update all of you on a regular basis.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us at  We will get through this trying time together. 

Please stay safe. Thank you for your patience and continuing support.


Patty Jensen

Artistic Director    

1491 North Milpitas Boulevard Milpitas, CA  95035